Dinner at the Painted Burro

We wandered over to Somerville and into the Painted Burro, found ourselves in a lively and pleasant atmosphere. We started out with appetizers…

The brussels sprouts quesadilla was more like an entree than an app… it filled me right up. I liked the creativity, and the creamy dressing added some oomph. 7.5/10.


The “Cholo” Corn Cob was AMAZING. The chipotle mayo and the cheese and the avocado hidden underneath gave the corn so much flavor. A rare 10/10!


We would definitely go back and just eat all the appetizers.

The menu didn’t offer many vegetarian options, but they were flexible when I asked for some changes. The beet taco was solid, but not impressive: 6.5/10.


On the other hand… hungry hippo #2 got her meat fill with the pork barbacoa torta. The pork was tasty, but could have had more flavor. The best part was the sourdough bun. Overall, 6.5/10.


An enjoyable evening, and definitely somewhere we’d return.

…but for now, off to Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream for dessert!


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