Breakfast at the Oat Shop

To continue our Somerville food hunt, we stopped in at the Oat Shop in Davis Square. We walked in, there were a few customers in the store but we were able to sit at one of the three seating areas. We ordered three bowls–“Apple Pie”, “Nuts Over Berries”, and “Banana PB”–and two drinks, a latte and a hot chocolate. We waited about five minutes and our order was ready. Our first reactions towards all the bowls were that they were nicely displayed.

“Nuts Over Berries” bowl

The “Nuts Over Berries” bowl was our least favorite; the oats were dry and the flavor was generally bland. The berries provided some flavor but a mixed in berry sauce would have been a good addition. Overall: 5/10.

“Apple Pie” bowl

The “Apple Pie” bowl was delicious. The oats had a perfect texture compared to the previous bowl. The apple sauce mixed in gave it the perfect measure of flavor. There could have been more apples or smaller apple chunks on top but nevertheless it was still delicious. Overall: 8/10.

“Banana PB” bowl

The “Banana PB” bowl was also appetizing. Peanut butter was mixed in which gave it a flavor punch similar to the “Apple Pie” bowl. The bananas on top paired well with the peanut flavoring. The oats were a little dry and sticky so we added some milk–which did the trick. Overall: 8/10.

This visit was definitely worth the trip, satisfied or not, since we were able learn new and fun ways to make oatmeal at home!





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